Hud McWilliams

Start with Death – Grace Church (Ventura, California)

Life is hard.  After all it KILLS you. – Katharine Hepburn  || Dr. Hud McWilliams tackles an unpopular and often overlooked topic in Western culture…DEATH.  Why do we spend so much time and energy worrying about dying?  Is it a natural part of life, is it something we are prepared for?  Why do we grieve?  …
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I’ll Pray For You

Prayer itself has become pat answer or a way to say, “I’m sad and sorry for what has happened.” Our world is overtly challenged if you can at all believe what you read and hear today. We are returning from a month in Europe and have encountered the core stuff of life in a world…
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Grief, The Door To Freedom

I frequently muse about the role that grief plays in our lives.  Losses are inevitable and even necessary.  If we learn how to grieve and mourn them well, we will come to experience a kind of spiritual freedom only available through letting go. I’m troubled when I see how often we as believers walk away…
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Some Musings on Four Trees

We just put up our “tree” for this season. It carries more weight this year since we have been without this ritual for the last two holiday seasons. Our tree was fresh cut – by hand – by friends – for us – from the Colorado forest. Now I have not reflected at great depth…
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