Discipline of Disturbance: Stop Waiting for Life to Be Easy


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Are you waiting for life to be comfortable, risk free, safe secure and certain? You are putting faith in your own effort, abilities, and determination. Life is messy, it’s a challenge at best. We must continue to change our thinking and beliefs in order to grow into integrity, character, and development towards wholeness.


“From the very first page to the end of the epilogue, almost every sentence in this series of essays challenges much of our traditional thinking.  I highly recommend this thought-provoking book.  But don’t try to rapidly skim through it.  Read it thoughtfully and carefully and you will be rewarded.” 
Dr. Bill Counts
Pastor Emeritus of Fellowship Bible Church Dallas


“Hud is the kind of person who knows how to take Scripture and surgically weave it into a person’s story in such a way that they are enabled to move toward wholeness and maturity. In this new book, Hud encourages us to stop waiting for life to be easy and to face and embrace the hard things in life as necessary pathways for our growth.”

“When we do this ‘hard work’ we can grow and move beyond being ‘stuck’ into the beauty of being truly free and joyful individuals. I encourage you to read this book and let these insights help you to become the person God created you to be.” 
Paul R. Madson
Founder & President of Global Training Network


“The Discipline of Disturbance is Hud McWilliams’ magnum opus. A life work. Profound. Poignant. Pithy. Provocative. Powerful. The new heart Jesus gave us longs to take this journey of gratitude and joy, which Hud invites us to experience. As a seasoned trail guide, Hud provides an unmistakable biblical path to our wholeness and freedom. Exceptional!”
Dr. Bruce McNicol
President, Trueface
Best-selling Co-author, The Cure, The Cure & Parents, The Ascent of a Leader


“When you are ready, this book will transform your beliefs about yourself, God, and your relationships. You will gain healing in-sights on your way to whole-sight. It’s packed with life changing stuff!”
Sherod Miller Ph.D.
Co-developer of Couple Communication


“What if? What if life was not supposed to be easy, but that difficulty, challenge, and discomfort was the yellow brick road that led to our becoming who we were really meant to be, who we secretly long to be? What if the path of least resistance and comfort at all costs was actually the road to stagnation, frustration, and emptiness? What if there was a book that explained all this and pointed us to the yellow brick road of what life is all about, what it is meant to be, and how it is meant to work?”  

“There is. It is the Discipline of Disturbance written by my long-time friend, Hud McWilliams. Discipline of Disturbance comes out of a lifetime of counseling and pastoring. It is not the kind of book you can just breeze through. I have listened to Hud teach dozens and dozens of times and each time I grasp a little bit more of the wisdom and insight he possesses about steps we can take that move us toward fulfillment, healthy relationships, and maturity. I hope as you read Discipline of Disturbance you will mull over each chapter, bounce the ideas off others, and digest the insights and ‘Hudisms’ that will rearrange the furniture of your mind. I have and will continue to do so. Hud has been our family counselor and pastor. He lives what he writes about. I hope you will too.”
Linus Morris
Author, Expeditionary


“Hud Mcwilliams has been my spiritual guide and mentor for decades.  I don’t know anyone who combines knowledge and holiness to the degree he does.  I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s brave enough to engage in the hard work of growing up.  In “The Discipline of Disturbance”, Hud McWilliams shows us why this is the only path to authentic joy and freedom.

The wisdom found in this book is born out of a lifetime of disciplined spiritual practice that I’ve been privileged to observe. You can trust it.”
Peggy Wehmeyer
former religion correspondent, ABC News

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