I’ll Pray For You

Prayer itself has become pat answer or a way to say, “I’m sad and sorry for what has happened.”

Our world is overtly challenged if you can at all believe what you read and hear today. We are returning from a month in Europe and have encountered the core stuff of life in a world that is “in the power of the evil one.” Saying that you will pray with or for someone has become a nice little sentiment when you can’t find the words or find yourself overwhelmed by some situation. Political unrest and violence, confrontation with cancer, deception within relationships, painful betrayals and reputational damage, let alone earthquakes, fires, senseless disregard for human life and these stories are only a flash of what is a blinding light of confusion. If this is what one believes about prayer, I will agree that it feels small and offensive to pat down such extreme human suffering with a nice little word. But prayer is the furthest thing from a pat answer:


Prayer is a call on God to intervene and show up in blazing power in a situation that does not have a human answer. Prayer is enlisting the protection, power and deliverance of the one who holds the universe in His hands. A first response of prayer, even before the dust settles, is the most active solution oriented approach possible. It is an admittance that our best efforts are meaningless without God. It is an admittance of need, even to know how to respond. Calling on God who is intimately involved with every cell in every human body to heal and preserve life is wise. A miraculous intervention was needed in so many cases. We must call on God for comfort for those who lost love ones. God is a God of compassion and if there was ever a need for powerful compassion, it is now.

More was done by God to heal, protect, love, give courage, give wisdom and guidance where needed than by any other act of any person. This was in response to the cry of his children through prayer.

If prayer is not enough then I would think there is a denial that prayer is attached to conversation with the God of universe who is present, active and not silent. Prayer is not simply a nice little word.

We are so grateful for your whole being support of us as we endeavor to increase our trust in the only hope in the universe. Keep praying,,, it is never in vain.

In Hope, by His grace,

 hud, for nancy too.